lørdag 8. januar 2011

God showed me on the sky !

I would like to tell about something that God showed me on the sky this

14th of June 2007:

I was driving home from work, quite lost to the world ...

When I approached a small rural grocery store, about 5 minutes from my home,
I see on the sky above the store: Two huge clouds. There are no surrounding
clouds, just those two. They have a shape like two lions, as if carved in
stone, standing on two stone pillars. (Resembling those outside the
Norwegian Parliament in Oslo). The clouds did not just resemble two lions
nor was it a vision, they were there in quite a physical way. I saw all the
lines clearly, eyes and all.

This was certainly very odd, I remember flashing through my mind that I
ought to take a picture with my cell phone camera, but in my bewilderment I
just drove past.

I arrived home in wonder. I thought this must have something to do with
God!! So I asked God for a revelation about what on earth this was meant to

A few weeks later the revelation came:

The lion is a picture of Jesus. It being two lions means the second coming
of Jesus. So God showed me this sign for me to tell people that Jesus is
coming back very soon!

When you experience something like this you can do nothing but tell it on.
This is a true story and God is my witness. The most important thing a man
can do on this earth is to take a choice for eternity.

Hilde Heimdal Jensen. Norway

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastisk godt å lese det du skriver Hilde!!
    Gud velsigne deg og dine!!!
    Hilsen Jan Samuel.

  2. Hei Hilde.
    Tror jeg trenger litt råd fra en proff her.
    Vet ikke helt hva som skjer,men det er ihvertfall slik at når jeg skriver en kommentar,så er det helt villt når jeg har lagt det inn? Ser siste kommentaren her hos deg hvor det står:
    Gud velsigne grader og spise.Hva skjer?
    Er det pc`n min det er noe galt med tro?
    Hilsen Jan S